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  1. I think I have ADD. Our musical director last year told me that they call the undiagnosed version of ADD as Butterfly Syndrome.

    For Example: You could be talking ninety-to-nothing and get distracted, "Blah blah blah blah da da da da da da da da yadda yadda yadda yadda humm dee lahla da da da da da da da da da blah blah blah oh look, a butterfly..."

    Also, I have to eat my food a certain way. Like, I have to make sure I have a certain amount of fries to even out how much chicken I have or something. It's really weird. I have to have a chance to get things perfect or else I won't do it at all. Do I have AODCDD??
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    im not sure about ADD but i think everyone has OCD to a certain degree, i guess it depends on how it makes you feel when these things dont get done etc
    and how much it controls your life...
  3. Well, I guess OCD isn't that bad, I guess it's more of a perfectionism. I cry if I fail a test, I go into deep depressive mode, and I stayed hulled up for hours by myself.

    And I know I have to have ADD. I get distracted by the smallest of things. Like, when I'm driving, I'll be talking animatedly to whoever and I'll see a dog or something and say,m "PUPPY!!" Then When I go to get a good look at it, I tend to take the vehicle with me. Not so safe, but I can't help it.
Thread Status:
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