adderall & xanax

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    I guess this would fit here, as i wouldn't classify this as addiction.

    I've been taking my adderall daily for about 3-4 weeks. Just 1/4 a 15mg pill so around 3-4mg per day. Then usually 1-2mg of xanax at night.

    I first got it prescribed about 2-3 years back, and used to take 20 then updated to 30mg a day. (2x 10/15mg pills) xanax was like 2 years back, and I rarely took it.

    The pros are heavenly. Adderall is the only med that can edge off my depression. It can be taken as-needed (in my case) or daily. It helps me get through really hard times (possibly PTSD symptoms) it usually edges off anxiety. I rarely get 'amphetamine diet' or: not eating. Plus it seems to help curb panic attacks.

    Xanax is the only med that will stop panic attacks. (Addy helps 'prevent') it helps when I get terrible anxiety. It helps me stay asleep & get tired. It gives me super munchies (drug hunger) seems to help limit unexplained visual/physical distortions. (More like a seizure than psychosis) ((it's not a seizure thing)) & it helps with my social anxiety & keeping productive.

    Cons Addy:
    The cons out weigh the benefits in prolonged use (for me) I tend to get dehydrated, forget to eat, my hands get cold & rough, doesn't help my insomnia, can make anxiety & panic much worse (if dehydrated/ hungry/ tired/ or overwhelmed) apathy? (A loss of empathy) headaches, it changes my personality.

    Cons: Xanax
    'Benzo hangover' (feeling tired/ slow/ 'drugged') next day.
    Withdrawal can be dangerous & hard, rebound-anxiety, possible weight gain, addictive.

    The main reason I write this, is I've been in a sort of 'haze' the adderall kind of speeds me through my day, and is making me feel impulsive & impatient. Plus it's hard to open & close two places, being so 'up' then the xanax makes me binge eat & want to sleep all day & not do anything.

    I've tried about everything else, but these work the best. (The other didn't do a damn thing)