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    Hey Folks. Recently my Brother was on adderrall (and amphetamine), he gave me a few and I took it for 4 days in a row. It seemed to help. Gave me energy and focus and drive. Normally I just isolate in my house watching TV and listening to audiobooks. So I spoke to my nurse practitioner about it and she had to get permission from her boss. They said they would prescribe me the adderrall if get registered for school and bring in the scheduale.

    But here is my concern: My Brother has since stopped taking it citing paranoia and aggression.

    If you have been on this medication or are on it I would appreciate if you could give me some insight.
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    First of all I will get this shit out of the way. I am an addict and have been for about 16 years as far as I recall. I have clocked up 17 admissions to rehab the first 5 were to detox and get on the programme (12 steps, NA meetings etc.). I got clean and stayed clean for several years. I am Bi Polar 1, psychosis (from chronic coke/crack use), ADHD, BP Disorder and Schizo Affective Disorder. My medication cost could equal a small country's GDP. Okay, ADHD is the subject here. I take Adderall, Dexedrine and Guanfacine for ADHD. I don't get your point of you thinking you could just get a script for Adderall? You mention nothing about being diagnosed ADHD so how do you think you will just be presribed it without a diagnosis...........Sure you guys have it as a licensed drug over there but here in the UK it is unlicensed which means it is fucking hard to find a source and even then it is on a CD script from my Psychiatrist. I abuse my Dexedrine script like hell either snort or IV whenever I can. Not a good role model but that's how it is when you give an addict pharmaceutical grade speed..

    Back to the point Adderall has made a hell of a difference to my life having ADHD. I actually know a bit more of what is going on now and can nearly hold a conversation together without digging out a wrap of Dex. What are you trying to take Adderall for anyway? For fun? Adderall doesn't sustain regular abuse as your tolerance kicks damn fast. If you get a script you will get prescribed capsules. They suck. The amount of shit in them will fuck up your nose and if you bomb it your whole throat. If you have not been diagnosed with ADHD and just want to get whacked you are a very short step from Crystal Meth as that is street Dexedrine. You will fuck up your dopamine receptors firstly and then it all goes really wrong from there as have I which is far from having a fucking laugh. Trust me. If you don't know what you are fucking about with and having such ignorance as to rock up to a 'Nurse Practitoner' asking for a script you are pretty fucking stupid. Stick to speed or good coke do not get into the controlled and ultimately fatal world of stimulant medication abuse you won't get out no matter how clever you think you are. Stick with a dealer where you can just pick up and get wasted with a rough knowledge of what you are taking. ADHD drugs give you no control over usage. You blow your meds before your next script and you are fucked. See your brother don't have the option to be in a position of running short of Adderall.

    Stick with just getting laid on shit loads of coke.

    Oh yeah remember to stick a rubber on.