addicted to cutting o.o

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by SwingLifeAwayxx, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. ok i suck at saying stuff out in open forum but whatever here it is.. every second of every minute of every day i want to cut, to kill myself, to smoke, anything to fill this void inside of me. it feels like theres just emptyness inside. nothing i can do, no matter how happy i am, how much fun im having, nothing fills it. cutting for me, for however long im doing it, i forget about that empty space, its a release for me. im wondering.. how to fill that space so that cutting isnt what i resort to anymore.
  2. MrA

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    cutting is a real bad thing.. what you need to do is spend time with friends or people you like, where you can have pleasure and fun and fill your emptyness, you need to be proud of yourself and respect yourself, don't do what others do, do what -your- head tells you and express yourself!
    this is a difficult step, but if you found back to your happy life everything will be balanced again

    The time will show if you're willing to live and move the world :)
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    I'm the same, it is an addiction that is always on your mind. It's crazy how much power it has. I have no idea how to handle, only when you get the urges, try and do something. Someone recommended counting stuff in the room or describing random object, how they feel, what they look like etc. Give it a go maybe. Or just ignore this he.
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    I use to on occasion just get a pencil and piece of paper and go crazy wild writing things that are on my mind or that are just really irritating me. Helps with aggression I think, may even take your mind off the cutting, if even for just a few minutes.
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