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  1. takencontrol

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    i will be eternally grateful for finding sf, the only problem i have is im addicted to it and cannot stop coming on no matter what i say or do. i have made so many good and possibly even another best friend, but, i find at times it brings me further down and makes me sad. not quite sure why or how i find it very hard to get my head round how i feel......
  2. total eclipse

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    it is hard because there is so much sadness here yet so much kindness as well I understand yu are being pulled in both directions i say come for the support okay and when and only when you are strong you can give support back hugs
  3. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    Brownie, I know what you mean, its hard to stay away when you have noone to talk to face to face.

    I make myself stay off on the weekends and spend time with my family, this is my break from here.

    Sometimes when I log on and see all these new threads, Im get scared and feel like I want to help (if I help) everyone. And there are times where I talk and it triggers something in me.

    Make a day a week where you dont log in, make that day where you clean house or something to stay busy.
  4. hollowvoice

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    im with you too brownie i want to help but cant seem to find the words sometimes
    doityourself is right you need a certain fixed day to not go online,i too was lucky to find my best friend online but that was before sf
    also i think you need some time out from the chat room sometimes immediate talk comes out wrong at least on forum you can take time toi think
    glad to see you again though xx
  5. Louis03

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    There are worse things to be addicted too... Also, I think after a while it stops having that much effect on you, you get a bit desensitized to other people's pain.


    Hope you are well.