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    Ruled by the bottle, the pill, or the smoke,
    Seems to be society's cruel joke.
    Just a puff, a sip, or a hit today,
    No worries, it won't make you an addict this way.

    The rush, euphoria, the high,
    But what about the crash before you die.
    How wondrous, how grand,
    How kind of you for holding my hand.

    Death did not conquer me,
    For I live eternally.
    In this bed, to death I say,
    "you did not defeat me, not today".

    Another beauteous day,
    I wonder should toke it up again tonight?
    Maybe some pills or whatever I choose,
    As long as it feels good, I know I won't lose.

    Today, tomorrow, or the next,
    Who knows when I'll take my last breath.
    Run, hide, and change my ways?
    Why, I'm an addict up until my very last day.
  2. nice poem. strong and poignant
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.