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  1. PainEngulfsMe

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    I'm a male in my late teens. I have had chronic back & neck pain since i was 15 or 16. I've had multiple test done on my neck, back, shoulders, tailbone - including CT's, MRI's , Contrast CT's, Nerve Scans. I've recieved Nerve block shots - none of it works. The only thing they found wrong with me is degenertive disk disease in my low back. I have been on Vicodin and Flexeril for nearly a year now, however i've been taking far more than perscribed to help my pain. A few days ago at school i passed out and they could not wake me up. Eventually after being out for 3 hours i awoke. My parents now know that i have been ODing on the medicine. I myself didnt even realise how much i took. But it came out to be <mod edit-gentlelady-methods> They took my medicine away from me and will only give me what im allowed to take, which is one of each pill every 8 hours so 3 a day. However in order to make my pain even slightly better, i have to take at least 3 vicodin and 2 flexeril. I don't know what to do now. I cant handle all of the pain. Its not that im having withdrawels from the lack of medicine, its just my back pain is so severe. I don't know if the DR will give me a stronger medicine or not, they mentioned oxycotin a few times, but i don't know if they want to put me on it being they cant really find out why i am in so much pain. They tried putting me on cymbalta which is a weak anti-depressant which is supposed to help with nerve damage pain, but it didnt make my pain go better, it didnt help my depression, it just made it so i couldnt sleep for about a week straight. I feel like im running out of options here. My girlfriend is worried sick about me, its because of her that i am alive today, she is the one who told the teacher i was very messed up in class, then she took me to the nurse, and thats all i remember of that day. She told my parents she thought i was taking too much, and thats how they found out. I just dont know wht to do now, i cant deal with the pain any longer, my mom gives me the 1 flexeril and 1 vicodin every 8 hours but it doesnt do hardly anything at all. What should i do? what can i do?
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    Re: Depression / Addiction

    Hi, welcome to the site :)

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're in such pain all the time. I'm not going to pretend to imagine how hard that must be for you. I'm training to be a nurse and am just this week doing a unit on pain and pain relief. Have you tried a tens machine? It's like a little vibrating thing that is meant to block the pain pathways. Or have you tried any alternative medicine like accupuncture? I know some people are sceptical, but many people find that it helps.

    I really hope that you find something to help you
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    Re: Depression / Addiction

    Hey there, that really sucks to say the least. Dunno really what to suggest to do about it, but alternative medicine/treatments can work. Reflexology is one that I can think of off the top of my head. Hope you manage to come up with something. :arms:

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    ask your doc about getting a TENS (transcutaneous electical nerve stimulation) unit - they are small and easy to use. anti-epiletics, ie neurontin, are often used for neuropathic pain. google acupressure - you can do it on yourself as often as needed, though it isnt going to get rid of the pain, it may reduce it some. if you talk to your doc about some of these other therapies s/he may see that you arent simply drug-seeking and then be more willing to prescribe better meds. also ask for a referal for a pain specialist. in any case make sure you keep telling them that your pain is not managed effectively. PM me if you like.
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