ADHD even with things I enjoy or need to do...

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    I can't even compose myself enough to make a shopping list. It overwhelms me. I forget to go grocery shopping. I forget to cook the food. I am so aimless. My ADHD and anxiety makes even going to a grocery store alone overwhelm me with stimuli; conversely, if I'm shopping with someone else I tend to miss things, although it stresses me out less. I feel crazy and tend to just sustain myself off of very simple meals.
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    I can relate to this, sometimes so much stuff goes through my head I forget to do the things I need/want to do. Also, the anxiety plus grocery shopping, I once spent over and hour standing in a corner just to avoid people seeing me. I was too afraid to walk out of the store, much less pay for the things I wanted to buy. When you forget things due to a whirlwind of activity in your mind, it's best to write things down (Or at least it really helps me out, even if I don't do it enough).

    As for the anxiety, I feel there is only one surefire way to make your anxiety a problem of the past, and that is to put yourself in a situation where you feel a bit anxious and overcome it. If you go to the grocery store alone and feel anxious, force yourself to follow that list and get what you need. Don't feel bad afterwards like you are going to run and hide, feel like you are accomplishing something nobody else would even try to. Know that when your anxiety pops up, you are fighting a battle nobody else could fight.

    Sometimes, I fin that going on "auto-pilot" with a clear sequence of steps towards your goal is the best strategy. I don't know if any of this is of practical use for you, but I wish you the best, keep fighting my friend.