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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Sycotic_Sarah, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. I think I have it. I'll list what I'm like, I got these symptoms from a site, I picked the ones that relate to me alot;

    Has short attention span unless very interested in a particular subject.
    Has a family history of Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, learning problems or substance abuse.
    Is easily distracted.
    Lacks attention to detail.
    Has sloppy handwriting.
    Has difficulty putting thoughts on paper.
    Has trouble listening carefully to directions.
    Frequently forgets or misplaces things.
    Skips around while reading.
    Has poor listening skills.
    Is restless or in constant motion, is always "on the go."
    Concentrates better when moving or fidgeting.
    Has increased anxiety or nervousness.
    Has a history of bed wetting beyond the age 5.
    Has poor communication skills.
    Lacks tact, often spurting out the first thing that comes to mind.
    Acts impulsively or dangerously without considering the consequences.
    Is easily bored.
    Says things without thinking and later regrets having said them.
    Starts to answer questions before the questions are fully asked.
    Is impatient.
    Has trouble following verbal directions.
    Makes careless mistakes in schoolwork.
    Has tendency to embarrass others.
    Lies or steals on impulse.
    Is often late.
    Is easily overwhelmed by everyday tasks.
    Has trouble getting started.
    Starts projects but does not finish them.
    Is inconsistent with school performance.
    Has a tendency to drift away.
    Has problems with self-esteem.
    Has a negative attitude.
    Has trouble maintaining friendships.
    Is verbally or physically abusive.
    Has a quick temper, is "short-fused."
    Has rage outbursts.
    Gets upset by minor annoyances.
    Is argumentative.
    Worries needlessly or excessively.
    Has tendency toward obsessive behavior.
    Turns words around in conversations.
    Performs poorly under pressure.
    Has difficulty reading unless very interested in the subject.
    Has difficulty falling asleep.
    Is sensitive to touch, clothes, noise or light.
    Is more comfortable moving than sitting still.
    Has moods swings from highs to lows.
    Become upset easily, is "thin-skinned."
    Talks excessively.
    Fidgets, even when sitting quietly.
    Has difficulty waiting in turn during group activities.
    Frequently daydreams or "spaces out."
    "Blanks out" when taking tests or under pressure.
    Has low frustration tolerance.
    Has frequent behavior problems in school.

    With all of these somewhat relating to how I am, I also would like to word in my way how I am, most if not all the time.
    I don't go to many classes in school, if I do, my concentration is very poor and I have trouble working. I fiddle alot, and I am very restless. I daydream most of the time. I don't listen alot.
    I am very short tempered. I act alot impulse. I move around alot. I have very sudden mood swings. I have a short attention span, only when I'm interested in something or trying to get something done am I on the task/subject, but I get distracted easily. My handwriting is quite bad, but it's readable, I think. I am inpatient. I have MUCH difficulty sleeping, very much. I wake up alot during the night, and sometimes can't get back to sleep. I am arguementive. I have a very short temper and I usually lash out when I'm angry, I don't have control of myself when I outburst. I talk alot, I go from questions to questions, changing topics alot, not really focusing. When I miss classes at school, I am usually running around or walking around somewhere. Sometimes I'll go into other classes. I can't really sit still for a long time without moving or something. I can sit still sometimes, but most of the time, I'll fidget, or move my hands/legs/body somehow, or get up and walk around, or, at school, get up in lessons and walk around, fiddle with something, or walk out of class and walk around/run around. I do daydream/'blank out'/'space out' alot too. I forget alot of things. I misplace things. I don't like being touched alot... I have remembered as much as I can above for what I'm like and how I am.

    I'm in a school for EBD (emotional behavioural difficulties) by the way.

    So, I'm posting for opinions.
    I know you are not doctors.
    But I'd like OPINIONS.
    Please don't post saying 'oh I'm not a doctor I can't diagnose you', I already know that, I have an appointment on monday to see a doctor about it, but I am curious for opinions.

    Thanks in advance. <3
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  2. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm..sounds like you may wanna check with a doctor for a diagnosis. I have ADHD too, but it can only be confirmed with a doctor. Maybe you wanna try that?
  3. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

    Dont listen to what any quack as to say... they know no better than any of us. psychiatry is not a medical science! you can give 10 of them the same symptoms and they will all give you different diagnosis and prescribe different medicines. they say that in the US more than 80% of kids(and adults) nowadays are diagnosed w/ some form of ADD and their criteria for diagnosing it is so simple, cant sit still... well you have ADD, cant pay attention... you have ADD.
    There are hundreds of different symptoms and the list grows every year, just go look at every issue of the DSM, it gets bigger every year! with what???
    all those things they use to diagnose are mainly personality traits. so what now, you've got a personality... you have ADD! its sickening. embrace who you are, so what if you dont pay attention well or you fidget alot, not many people can. you my dear are just as normal as i am or pretty much anyone i know. that list is so.... :argh:
    NOBODY is perfect and a lot of those things can be changed if you really wanted to put some effort in. I mean Jeez... cant concentrate or read unless its a subject youre interested in.... DUH!!!!!! i dont wanna read something boring! i could go on but i wont, getting too carried away.

    You wanted opinions, well, if you want to hear more, im always here :biggrin:
  4. expressive -
    yeah, i am going doctors monday to be tested, gotta type a letter up of all symptons and stuff.

    onthefence -

    thankyou for posting that.
    made me feel more normal, heh.
    thanks though.

    thanks for posting your opinions.
  5. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Well, good luck with your appointment next week. Anyways, if you are able to cope with it without taking meds, it will be much better. ADHD could be an advantage in some ways too, just that you have to know how to use it to your advantage. All the best..
  6. my step brother has adhd and before he was on meds he was so violent and just... couldnt concentrate at all and was just... out of control, but when he went on meds, he got a lot better.
    i guess people react in different ways to adhd and meds and everything.

    but thanks though.
    will let you know how it goes.
  7. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

    You are normal and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

    my brother has been diagnosed w/ ADD, ADHD, AS, schizophrenia, and i dunno what else...

    psychiatric drugs are just modern versions of a frontal labotamy (which is not plesant)

    my brother has been on countless meds incl trial ones, none of them work, all they do is numb you, so yeah, no wonder you will be calmer and easier to handle, coz youre so out of it and killing your brain cell at the same time.

    there are better ways to deal with these things. let me help rather :hug:
  8. well...
    thats your opinion but i think the drugs do help
    they helped my step brother
    and my best friend whos like my brother
    and at school, i go to an emotional/behavioural special needs school, people with adhd there are alot more better on the days they take their medication than the days they dont.
    but ur entilted to that opinion.

    i think everyone has something wrong with them.
    no one is perfect/normal.
    tis just boring otherwise ... all plain and simple. everyone has something wrong with them.
  9. Puddytat

    Puddytat Well-Known Member

    yeah imagine how boring the world would be if we were all perfect and normal....eew

    my brother was on ritalin when he was first diagnosed, as much as i hate those drug i cant say that it didnt make a change in him, he was definately better but hes not cured, any psychiatrist will tell you they dont cure anyone, if they do, they are lying. they cant cure you, they can just control it to a degree. just because some people have an ok experience doesnt mean it will work for everyone. and look at the long term effects too, you have to be extremely causious when you consider medication. like i said, some can do serious harm. i would rather recommend taking something more natural as a first option.

    sorry im so passionate about this but im scared for anyone thinking about it and the long term effects.
  10. its good your so passionate, got a big heart there.

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