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admitted to Therapist

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saw therapist on friday and as i had mistakenly emailed him, he brought up email and very cleverly got out of me a lot more than i would have have told him voluntarily. i am sure he realised i had been abused. i felt so dumb and ashamed but now at the same time relief. how odd. he is willing to set aside sessions to focus on this additional issue as it is interfering with treatment, and has left it in my hands as to what i want to do.

do i concede and tell him everything or try and forget it happened. i dont want to be a victim and i dont want sympathy.


You will get understanding and a non judgmental ear and perhaps ways to cope with flashbacks and the emotions and feelings they bring up.

You did good, don't feel bad for saying whatever you did say. There's no reason to feel stupid etc., you put too much pressure on yourself.

Tell him everything icequeen. Even though I truly know how hard it will be, to try and forget will not work unfortunately. You may be able to temporarily suppress thoughts etc. but in the long term it will affect you.

My thoughts are with you. Please don't feel that you must be a victim or for others to be sympathetic to you. You have survived so much, try and let your t help you, help yourself now.

Lots of hugs, take gentle care of you.


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It sounds like he's being very respectful of your issues and allowing you time to take it at your own pace. He's offered to take extra time to help you with these things so I'd suggest grabbing that offer with both hands and giving it a try. He sounds like a very understanding and patient therapist from what I've gathered from you and from what I've heard those are quite rare. Tell him and let him help you. :hug:


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thank you both for your response and i am beginning to realise how supportive t is being compared to others i and everyone has had. i could email him now (1909 gmt) and have a reply by 0915 tomorrow. he doesnt push me and i dont feel he judges but he wants to do separate exposure on the abuse which i dont think i can face...thats just it, i want to try and forget it, but current exposure is triggering so its a catch 22 and even tho he has said he can exercise discretion in how much he puts on file...if i agree to extra sessions this may change, partic if it results in si which i have not told him about as this would have to go on record.

anyone with any experience of therapy relating to abuse/si i would appreciate your opinion if its not triggering to you.
I admitted to my T a couple of weeks ago re SI, even though I was very reluctant. The situation here (attitudes etc.) were triggering my past abusive relationship.

Maybe its the different countries or services or something. I attend a private practice and theres nothing about reporting SI.

Thats really as far as I've got. T didn't dwell on the SI but quickly realized why I was doing it as is aware of history (titles but not details)

I think to be able to talk about it, to get it out there is a huge step if you can do it a tiny bit at a time. The first time I handed the note re the child stuff I felt so relieved afterwards.

My mind is kind of mush so not sure if this makes sense. I'm sure others will have more helpful comments.

You take care, you're doing great. :hug:
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