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Admitting yourself?

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I went to see my physician today and she wants me to admit myself into the hospital for 72 hours. I've been going downhill even worse and the zoloft wasn't working at all so she wants me to admit myself in order to get my medications in line sooner.. but to be honest I'm kind of scared to go. I feel like it's automatically gonna mean i'm crazy or something.. has anyone here done it before? and if so, what was it like?


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It doesn't mean you're crazy...In fact, if you're doing it to help yourself, I'd say it means you're doing ok.

Can't say what a psych ward is like, as I've not been on one.

If it's for 72 hours to regulate your meds, it's really not that long - a long weekend's worth. If it will help you stabilize sooner, it sounds like it could be worth it. Let us know what you do and how it goes.

All the best :)


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Its just like staying in a hospital - in fact that is what it is!

As for making you crazy - no, it will just mean you stayed on a psych ward and your mistaking this with an asylum!

What you need to establish with your physician is what treatment they can give there that cannot be given now outside?

Adjusting SSRI meds cannot be done in 3 days - but sure, they can administer fast acting drugs - maybe valium or something.

The stay is about observation and I guess you will be watched by a few experts and can see a few of them also. Having to stay makes this easier.

If it is voluntary - and you can sign yourself out, they can still keep you in IF you become worse. Some want to sign themselves out when they are manic perhaps - or are showing signs of suicidal intent.

If you are 'going downhill' to the point you want to die and have already accepted that you will do it - then staying in a Psych ward makes perfect sense!

More will reply I hope - I've never been in one but know people who work in them or know a lot about them as they deal with people who have been.

Not sure if you can smoke there.

Some are mixed wards which is wrong in my eyes.

Research that psych hospital before you go in.

Some are not so nice in the UK - the one in my town used to have a bad rep. It was mainly heroin addicts pretending (they do it for sickness benefits) and alcoholics. There was drink and drugs in there.

This is the very worse - I guess its better now and more strict.

If not sneak a camera in there - record it - and send to the media and put up online.



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I've been multiple times. Private hospitals are definitely the way to go if you can afford them or have insurance. After 72 hours in a county hospital you'll realize how much you're not crazy.


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I've done it several times, and it wasn't bad at all. 72 hours is really pretty quick for a hospital stay. Most likely you'll barely interact with the staff or the other patients.

Also, seeking help never means you're crazy. :)
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