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    Admitting to those that are close to me that I been struggling with depression still and with suicidal thoughts is hard. I finally came open this morning about it to my husband. Just exhausted emotionallyand physically on dealing with this problem of mine. It's gone on far to long and I feel trapped and hopeless things will get better on it. Most of my life has been dealing with this problem of mine - not just the depression and suicidal thoughts but the eating disorder as well. Why must this continue? It's taken my life away. I have no hope. I wish I did. Just saddens my heart.
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    *hugs* I am sorry you are feeling so desperate. There IS hope and you need to get through this rough time for your baby and your sanity. We'll guide you along the way and will be here for you no matter what. Well done for speaking up about how you are truly feeling, I for one and very proud of you, get well chick.
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    Thanks - I will try to get through. Just tired
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    Thank you - still struggling and trying not to lose hope. Hoping to find it soon.
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    I just posted a thread myself.. I feel the same way, may be we can work through this insanity together. It's so exhausting and know your struggle. I hope you can rest peacefully tonight and have a better day tomorrow. oh and the eating disorder, I too have gained 50 lbs in the last year from binge eating which really makes me feel bad about myself. Tomorrow is another day, give it another try those far a few between moments of clarity can make all the difference. Be well!
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    Here if you want to talk. Every day has been a struggle. Still trying to fight this battle.