Adolescents are made to be burnt in hell.

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  1. Kichain

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    Pardon my english but FUCK children.

    I'm a child myself, (13) but I still think we all need to die in a ditch somewhere. Why must they be nosy? Why? You don't care, you just 'OMG I LIEK NEED TO KNOEZZ!! ;DD'
    Typed out on MSN.
    But honestly, it's not like they give a shit. They just need to know for the sake of knowing. Which makes no fucking sense. Espicially when they go up to you and ask how you're doing. When they do that I feel like screaming FUCK OFF PLEASE. :)
    And unfortunatly we're egocentric. Why must we JUDGE and only CARE about OURSELVES? Make's no sense.
  2. KittyGirl

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    ummm... It's pretty obvious that you've got alot of animosity for people in the 'tween' category... and yeah; I get pretty annoyed with teenagers in general BUT the attitude that they have and the actions they take are all directed by their lack of maturity. It does not mean that they will forever be irritating- it doesn't mean that they are horrible people and should 'burn in hell', but they've got alot to learn about life and they'll hopefully eventually learn it and move away from their more annoying habits as they near adulthood.

    Your post was probably made at a time that you were really frustrated and that's understandable.
    Just try to cope with them, and although you may not like the idea... you are also a kid and you *can* act like one! No one will hold it against you if you act out-- so you should take advantage of your youth and... you know... play? Goof around and don't worry about being annoying for now.

    All through life there will be people who genuinely care about how you're doing-- and there will also be people who just ask how you are to start conversation. There are nosy people and there are people who don't give a shit; but that's just the way humans in general are. Try not to worry about it too much. It will make you OLD FAST < and that's not the best for your psyche.

    Don't get so high strung about something that will-unfortunately-probably never change. Tweens will be immature and annoying. -__-
    Kids will be bratty and silly and teenagers will continue to act like they're invincible and all knowing!
    You don't have to be like them if you choose not to, but if you let your guard down, I'm sure you'll enjoy it a bit.