Adopting a Therapeutic Pet

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    So, my second-last attempt at finding a reason to live was making real life friends. This was NOT successful in any sense of the word. Just about giving up, a month ago I decided to get a cat to help alleviate the loneliness. First thing I needed to do was move to a cat-friendly place, and I searched high and low for a suitable place to live, and I finally found it. I moved in yesterday.

    I found the cat I wanted about 2 weeks ago... The one name Odessa. "I am very scared... and I spend most of my time hiding." I think many of the people on this forum feel this way - I certainly do. I fell in love with her pretty quickly and I made it my goal to rescue her. The second I was finished moving in to my new place I went down to the shelter and began the process of adopting. Unfortunately, I lacked some information and preparation. Bright and early today, therefore, I finished my preparation completely, and when the shelter opened I headed back down...

    I am unfit to adopt a cat.

    Am I abusive? No.

    Would I not be an ideal match for her? No.

    Am I financially incapable of taking care of her? Apparently - since I'm not employed at this exact moment, REGARDLESS of the fact that I've got savings for perhaps a year on hand, I can not afford a cat.

    Fortunately I was too devastated to violently assault anyone at the shelter, but I've been shaking with rage since.

    Using my ample financial resources I grabbed a lot of booze on the way home. Fuck this shit. And thinking about job searching again? I'd really rather be dead. I shouldn't be working a shitty $11/hour job I hate, I should be entering my 4th year of mechanical engineering or even grad school. I shouldn't be desperately seeking a cat to alleviate my loneliness, I should have a girlfriend and a decent circle of friends - 5 or so would be grand. Why can't ONE GODDAMN THING IN MY LIFE GO RIGHT?

    Edit: Oh, and if I'd just lied and said I had a job, I'd have my Dessy here right now. Goooo honesty!
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    There a lots of people on line that give kittens away free and cats A shelter is not the only place to find a animal. Pets stores will sometimes include a start up kit if you you buy a cat from them. The pet store i go too if you adopt a cat from them they will throw in a start up kit. Look around on line near you or at pet stores for a lovely cat who you can save and take home to love.
  3. aoeu

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    I know cats are easy to come by... I just really wanted to rescue that poor cat with little hope from the shelter, but I'm not allowed. I don't want to just leave her in there now, either :\
  4. CAD

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    Maybe you could get someone you know to go and adopt the cat (someone the shelter would definitely find "eligible"), and then they could just hand it over to you?
  5. aoeu

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    We're working on that. We're currently sorting out the web of lies we need to tell to be sure we get her... And we're hoping they dont live up to their litigious nature. It'll be breach of contract for her to give me the cat.
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    How exactly will they know if you keep the cat at your house rather than the adopter's? Do cats have legal rights in America? Maybe if you pay alimony they might give you weekend visitation rights :laugh:
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    They will know because the contract also allows them home invasion rights, though I'm pretty sure that's legally unenforceable. (I'm in Canada, by the way)
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    Yeah, I can't have a cat. Whatever. I'll just kill myself and die alone.
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    that is just ridiculous.If you are so sure you can take good care of this cat..I mean really sure..then find a way to get her.:smile:If you can't,there are a billion other needy cats out there available through many venues.No need to get suicidal over this.Maybe it was not meant to be..and the kitty will be adopted by another worthy adopter.What is meant to be will be.
  10. jeannate

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    My cats are a great comfort to me. It sounds silly, but they are one of the reasons I haven't killed myself already. I hope you find a way to rescue the kitty you want. I got my cats at a pet shop when they were kittens. I know that isn't the best way to get a pet (because there are so many that need to be rescued), but they still needed a home. Maybe it isn't meant to be that you have that cat you want. But there are many others out there that would be very happy to have you as a caretaker. Don't give up, if you can't get the cat you want from the humane society, then get a cat elsewhere. Either a pet shop or someone offerring free kittens.
  11. aoeu

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    Yeah, the last post was after some "playful sarcasm" by the person who said she was going to rescue Odessa for me. Hard to interpret that correctly when you're all depressed.
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    I now have a cuddleslut of a cat :D
  13. aoeu

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    Who's also agoraphobic, of all things... Crazy.