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    I just got a call back from the neurologist...Apparently I have a cyst in the back on my head. Can cause balance problems, sleeplessness, behavioral problems, and if it grows......a possible tumor....
    and apparently...I was born with it.. Why im just finding out now???? God only knows.....
    and....they cant remove it.....or I could have a stroke...
    I dont want anything to be wrong with me... at least.....even if there is....I just want to go back to not knowing..I dont want to have anymore medical problems wrong with me than there already is. I just want to be normal.......why can't i be a normal person with nothing wrong? just the usual scrape on the knee... *sigh* I dislike myself more than ever now... now I really am broken.. my moms upset because since i was born with it she thinks its her it??? i dont know....I dont know what to tell her.... I dont want to say anything...but I have to..... I have to comfort her and tell her its not her fault...but then if its not...what caused it.......????
    Im scared..
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    :hug: we are here for you.. It sounds very scary.. I don't know what I would do if I found something like that out.. :(

    Please stay and talk with us.. we are here to listen and support you. :hug:
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    That does sound so scary. Is there anything other than surgery they can do for it? I hope you and your mother do not feel to blame...and I use know what it is like to have physical illnesses make one feel so very broken...hope you feel better soon