Adult Education Spring 2008

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  1. Adult Education Spring 2008

    Self Improvement

    SI500 - Creative Suffering
    SI501 - Overcoming Your Peace Of Mind
    SI502 - You & Your Birthmarks
    SI503 - Guilt Without Sex
    SI504 - The Primal Shrug
    SI505 - Ego Gratification Through Violence (No Credits)
    SI506 - Molding Your Child’s Behavior Through Guilt & Fear
    SI507 - Dealing With Post-Realization Depression
    SI508 - Whine Your Way To Alienation
    SI509 - How To Overcome Self-Doubt Through Pretence & Ostentation

    Business & Career

    BC101 - How I Made $100 In Real Estate
    BC102 - Money Can Make You Rich
    BC103 - Packaging & Selling Your Children
    BC104 - Career Opportunities in El Salvador
    BC105 - How To Profit From Your Own Body
    BC106 - The Underachiever’s Guide To Very Small Business Opportunities
    BC107 - Tax Shelters For The Indigent
    BC108 - Looter’s Guide To American Cities
    BC109 - Mortgage Reduction Through Arson


    EC403 - Convert Your Kirby Vacuum To A Fully-Automatic Rifle
    EC404 - Burglar-Proof Your Home With Cement
    EC405 - Basic Kitchen Taxidermy
    EC406 - Repair & Maintenance Of Your Virginity
    EC407 - How To Convert Your Wheelchair Into A Dunebuggy
    EC409 - What To Do With Your Conversation Pit

    Health & Fitness

    HF202 - Creative Tooth Decay
    HF203 - Exorcism & Acne
    HF204 - The Joys Of Hypochondria
    HF205 - High-Fibre Sex
    HF206 - Suicide & Your Health
    HF207 - Tap Dance Your Way To Ridicule
    HF208 - Optional Body Functions
    HF209 - Dressing Right/Dressing Left – How It Can Change Your Life
    HF210 - The Braille System Of Anatomy

    Arts & Crafts

    AC303 - Cat Hair Macramé
    AC304 - Needlecraft For Junkies
    AC305 - Gifts For The Senile
    AC306 - Bonsai Your Pet
    AC307 - How To Draw Genitals
    AC308 - 500 Irish Drinking Songs

    (Register soon as spaces are limited)
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    Oh bloody hell, I'm defiantly taking class AC308 -- just in time for St, Patty's day.
  3. Sláinte!

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  5. Back, due to popular demand, 3 more courses have been added...

    Business & Career
    BC110 - 50 Profitable Misdemeanours

    EC410 - Extravagant Spending – A Waste Is A Terrible Thing To Mind

    Health & Fitness
    HF211 - Love & War – Guerrilla Tactics In The Boudoir
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