Adult Psych hospitals?

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    So Things are getting pretty bad and I really don't want this option but know that at some point there may be no option. So my question is what is it like. I have been to adolescent floors before and they were fine but the adult floors scare me. whenever I saw the adults at the hospital that I was at they looked really Zonked out and didn't look at all like they were humans. I guess I am just worried about being the youngest on the floor. I worry about what they will do to me. Is it like prison, where the youngest is eaten alive? What do the adult floors do? I don't want this to happen but worry it will. Any sort of help with this question would be wonderful. Thanks!
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    Main concern is changing of meds. Make sure it's understood that you and your regular doctor agree with any med changes.

    Other thing is have people visit every day if possible, or call you if not.
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