adults that bully kids

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  1. r127q

    r127q Well-Known Member

    I've never understood this. I experienced being bullied by my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ... one of my 7th, grade teachers, a few 'daycare' teachers (2nd-4th), and most of my family members at one time or another.

    Why is it that adults think it is ok, and 'is harmless fun' to gang up on kids and make them feel bad about them self? Don't they know it has an accumulative effect (especially when so many do it across their life?) I just don't understand how they can look into a kid's face and say the things I've experienced. If I experienced it, I know others have; but, we can't tell anyone -- other adults brush it off as just the kid making things up or blowing it out of proportion. Adults stick together, and don't want to believe another adult is being mean on purpose.

    Each adult doesn't stop and think they might not be the only one to be saying unkind things. They don't stop to think how the kid feels hearing an adult (people that should be rooting for them) tear them down and belittle them... and actually believe this treatment builds character and helps prepare for the real world.

    It doesn't; all it does is cause the kid to grow up to have low self esteem.

    This is all in conjunction with other kids following the adult's example. If it is okay for the adults to pick on her, then it is ok for me too.
  2. Acy

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    :hug: Sounds like you had some rough times as a youngster. You make good points about how bullying can affect kids.

    I've never seen a good reason for anyone bullying another. There is definitely a difference between love-based teasing/kidding and making hurtful, demeaning comments. I suspect some people (adults, included, even parents) are so plugged into their own issues and the behaviors related to those issues that they act without thinking. Bullying has become "normal" for them. It's sad.

    I hope your bullying experiences are well behind you now and that you're doing OK.
  3. r127q

    r127q Well-Known Member

    No, no one picks on me now :) I have no one in my life anymore to do anything.
  4. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I don't know why they do teachers used to pick on me too. I guess they took the bullying that other people did to me as a joke and wanted to continue it. I'm sorry that you had to go through that...I don't know why people don't just grow up and realize they are hurting people.
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