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    İ am 18 years old and ı am confused actually if someone can help i will be pleased...Now i am sufferıng from depression pluss extreme shyness(whıch i thınk its a personality disorder)....And i think i want to do pharmacy and my notes are quite hıgh therese a bıg possibility that i will pass the unıvercıty exam!....But i thınk ı wıll not be able to do it...becouse now at school for 2 years i havent been concentratıng i feel olways depressed lonely and those stuff....and when ı go home ı cant affects me very badly and seriously U GUYS UNDERSTAND ME VERY WELL İ THİ there is another optıon maybe go to an easier englısh teachıng i donno!..andovercome my shyness maybe..well i am mixed up now....Becouse of my stuıped ilness i cant even go to school...i havent slept now for 2 days!...i am goıng crazyyyy please someone help meeeeeeeeee
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    Are you taking any medications or visiting with a psychiatrist or psychologist at all?

    I can recommend medications that may help with some of the following.

    - Sleep
    - Anti-anxiety
    - Anti-depressant
    - Energy
    - Focus

    Also, I could offer natural suggestions on improving mood and improving quality of sleep without relying on medications. If you need any help with personal life situations and underlying problems that may be causing depression, I'll be glad to give my advice there too if it would help.