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  1. ZundertowZ

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    ive called in sick 2 work twice in a week due 2 a complete lack of energy. i walk 5 miles a day at my job and the depression, pills, and stress have sapped all my energy! i dont wanna lose my job! i eat so unhealthy if i do eat at all! so any suggestions!
  2. Ozibuna

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    How about eating, seems you don't do much of that.
  3. Petal

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    Caffeine capsules, energy drinks, a little exercise before bed and vitamin tablets have given me energy.
  4. ConsolationPrizeFighter

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    jogging and working out, do you sleep well? try to eat more fruit and veggies. and there are other methods but they,re inappropriate/illegal >.< i take ADD meds on school days to focus and they are technically a stimulant and they help me get going.

    Oh Yeah, tell your doctor >.<
  5. ZundertowZ

    ZundertowZ Well-Known Member

    50mgs of b12 has made me feel great!
  6. 643921

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    Try multivitamin tablets they will make you feel like having more energy again, also try to eat a little healthier like wholemeal foods (wholemeal bred, rice, pasta that kind of stuff.. oo and porrdige with fruits in it I found works to keep me up in the morning)
  7. The_8th_Wonder

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    I wouldn't reccomend energy drinks because they make you crash later. The best thing to do is to eat carbs for energy right away. Thing such as pasta and bread are great. Your body uses energy from carbs before fats so it is great for it. Do not drink soda or any drinks with a lot of sugar. Also if you want energy eat plants. The energy from the sun goes directly to the plants but when other animals eat them they lose the energy. This is different from protein though which I think gives long term energy. Avoid chips, candy, and other things with high sugar. That's the natural way to do it the unatural way is coffee, caffine, and more caffine.
  8. Random

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    Tea. I drink lots of tea. If you don't have time to drink it hot, brewing some iced tea to take along with you and drink during your walk works better than nothing. It isn't just the caffeine either. There's just something invigorating about tea. I think it's the combination of the caffeine and the L-Theanine.

    Arizona makes some energy drinks in a large can that use carbonated green tea as a base. I've found that these pick me up for 2-3 hours (minimum) and they taste great. These have some additional preservatives and stuff so they're probably not that much better for you than soda but they do work.
  9. Dzinger18

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    I found that since I began living on my own, I don't eat much meat (I'm on a very...very low budget), so recently I was out with a friend who told me of iron deprivation. Turns out, I've been at a crazy lack of iron for a long time, which made me tired and dizzy almost all the time, especially if I was sitting and then stood up. Look into getting some iron supplements. Personally I'm taking pills for it, you don't need a prescription, and they're about $15 for a box of 30. Works very well. :smile:
  10. LetItGo

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    Ya iron is important.

    - a good multi vitamin is worth the money, and iron tablets also.
    - fruit and veg are important. 3 servings a day recommended at least. A banana and a apple is a good place to start.
    - sleep is a big factor, the quality is more important than the quantity, try not to be restless (no big meals, caffeine or excessive stimulation ie games, before bed), make sure your getting plenty of oxygen through the night, dont sleep with the window shut unless its insanely cold. If you snore, check into it.
    - dont sleep in
    - regular exercise
    - keeping busy
    - balance - work, rest, play
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