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Advice needed on mental strength

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I need u guys' advice on one of my critical weaknesses. When things go bad and don't seem to work out no matter how hard I try, I get easily depressed and feel sorry for myself wondering why it has to be me who goes through this.
I am a believer that everyone was born with a purpose to fulfill and has obligation to live life to the best of his/her abilities. But at times, it is really hard especially when family makes comparison to me by saying, "They are going to Ivy League school. Why can't you?" Sure, you will get fantastic jobs and get great respect from people but I wonder if Ivy League grads are the happiest people on the planet.
I don't wanna get depressed over such comments. I wanna take such comments in stride, prove them wrong, be the best person that I can be, and live life to the fullest. But as a person who gets easily depressed, it is sometimes hard to persevere through all the mental ordeals.
Despite all the ugly sides of life, I believe life can be beautiful. My life has been marred with personal struggles, especially on mental aspects but I wanna rise above all the challenges, obstacles.
Could anyone advise me on how to be more determined, stronger on my resolve, and have a passion/ambition that will keep burning until I die?


I think the biggest problem here is your self esteem. You have to stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Don't be afraid to do things at your own speed. Set realistic goals for yourself, and once you've reached them, set new ones. I think that once you see that you can master this, you will gain some self esteem. But keep your goals realistic, or else you'll end up disappointed. I believe that it is important to learn how to live your life for yourself and not for everyone else. Don't do the things that other people expect you to do. Do what you want to do. No one knows you as good as you do. And it is your life, not theirs.
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