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Advice needed on overcoming panic attack

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Hi, I am a 24 yr old man who has been battling panic attacks for 8 yrs. It first started over simply reading a book at the age of 16. I was strolling at a bookstore and saw a book my history teacher mentioned about.
It was a book about Japanese atrocities committed in China during WWII and he warned students it contained graphic images. I remembered the warning but I was curious about what really happened and thought I could handle it at the age of 16. Really unwise decision on my part.
After looking at few disturbing images which were beyond my imagination, I was greatly disturbed, felt like fainting. So I closed the book and went home immediately. Since then, I have been suffering from PTSD, panic attacks which happen irregularly.
I have talked to my psychologist once about the problem but never dealt with it in depth. I am going to keep asking people around in real life to get help on this.
If any of you have dealt with panic attacks, could you offer me some advice?


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I wish I had some words of wisdom because I know how difficult panic attacks can be. I have had them a long time and continue to have them on occassion.

The only two things I do is to get control of my breathing and re-orient myself to the here and now. Generally, I sit down and start breathing deeply and slowly and at the same time orient myself to where I am. It takes awhile for it to work, but it does for me. Dont know if this will help you but I hope it will some.

Hope it helps a little



I always used to jump in my car throw on some loud music drive and smoke for a good half hour, that worked most of the time. I treid drinking them away (bad idea and I don't support this anymore) the thing is I would get so worried about haveing one that would trigger them. My best advice is try not to run from them, take a step back if you can and just breath. I find it better to confrent them of course sometimes this does not work but its always worse to try and run away from them if you know what I mean. I wish you luck, I would not wish that fun on anyone.
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