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Advice needed :(

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My fiance and I have been together for 2 years and 11 months, and over the past few weeks i've been quite ill and stressed, I mainly put it down to exam stress. But it's started to get a bit worse.I first noitced my feelings when I kissed him about a week ago, and I wasn't feeling any 'magic', but agan I put this down to illness or the fact that we now feel so comfortable with each other, due to the length of our relationship. Some of the little thing he does are starting to annoy me too, but nothing too major.

So basically my problem so, we're meant to be moving in together in September for uni. Do I end it? Or see how it goes?
Do I see a future between us? I used to but not i'm not 100% sure what I want for the future right now. He know's how i'm feeling, and he says he supports me, but I can't help but feel guilty and depressed about the situation. He says we should just take things one step at a time. And I agree, but I keep pancking!

I don't want this to end. I want our relationship to work, like it was a few weeks ago. I just can't carry on if I keep worryng like this. And I know that I could never fully let him go. Watching him with another girl would break my heart. He's become such a huge part of my life.

What do I do about this? I feel really suicidal, and tbh I just want to kill myself. Maybe tonight...
I wouldn't worry too much hun. I have been with my bf for nearly 2.5 years, and I feel the same way. It's normally when I am really down/stressed. It passes:)

I would say because you are stressed with exams, it does put a certain stain on relationships. But I think you will be alrite when they are all over with.

Just stick with it, and he is there to help you though.

:hug: xx


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I would suggest seeing hoe it goes over next few months and if you still don't feel the magic then maybe sit down and talk to him and discuss what you both want from this relationship. I have been with my bf for 13 1/2 yrs and yes the magic does wilt somewhat but you have to decide if you still want to be together if only one of you ewants this then it is time to go your seperate ways. Hope things work out *hugs*


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As i say give it a bit longer and talk to him. I know it's hard but unfortunately it's life honeymoon period doesn't last forever. I think worrying over it isn't helping either just go with the flow.


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Hi emoprincess,

Sorry that you are feeling like this…

Maybe only you know what’s the best for you. Good thing your fiance is supportive. There is no need to feel guilty or depressed. Be gentle to yourself. Give yourself enough time to feel and see what you want for the future. It’s a big move. Your fiance understands and supports you.

Then again, I don’t know if it’s possible for anyone to be 100% sure of anything just by imagination. It seems that your feeling for your fiance is stronger than your worrying. Maybe you may want to keep the option of moving in together open and see how it goes?

You have so much going for you. You are going to the university. You love your fiance and he loves and supports you. Maybe you just need more time to figure things out…

You are 19 and your life is just about to begin. You deserve a lot more time to live and see the world…

With loving wishes and hugs :hug:
It appears you have gotten some good advice in my humble opinion. As a male and being that I have been with my wife for 20 years now you may not value my opinion. That said, communication is the most important thing in a relationship! You must find a non threatening way to share your feelings with your boy friend, just as you would hope from him. You are not always going to feel "that spark" and that's ok he may have or had the same feelings. Don't fight about it and always be sensitive to his feelings as well but talk. It sounds like you have built a good foundation and it will take time and WORK to remain happy. At the beginning it is not all that hard but as your relationship matures more work is needed and this does not mean you don't love each other. If you are both willing to work together you will find ways to create "that spark". Perhaps letting him read this forum thread with you and sharing your feelings may be a good way to open the lines of communication. I could go on forever but won't bore you. If you work on your relationships and are honest you should have little regrets.


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Thank you so much, this is just what I needed :(

It's such a difficult time for me at the moment. I didn't feel like I really had anyone else to turn to.
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