Advice on making moves?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by weevil, Mar 14, 2010.

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    I rarely ever persue anyone, until now I was always not bothered whether I was in a relationship or not so everyone I've been with has pretty much had to pin me down and start it.

    Over the last year since a disasterous breakup I've been desperate for someone, or at least desperate for some kind of physical affection. I've been so lonely yet also afraid of interacting with people. I had some "almosts" last year that never got started.

    There's a girl I know locally who I think I might like to persue but I'm not sure what she wants. She found me on a dating site but said that she uses dating sites to just meet new friends. She's also said a while ago that she didn't think she could have a boyfriend because of her ME just being at uni tires her out so she thinks a boyfriend wouldn't understand her having to rest so much and not have time to spend with him. But she did say she could probably do something on a casual basis, she misses the opportunity for a hug sometimes. That conversation happen months ago anyway.

    I've got 6 months left in this town before I move away, I'd like something good to happen here before I go. That tho, and other reasons means I'm probably not suited to a proper relationship either.

    I keep thinking about how I'd like to kiss her though but should I just do it or ask her first? If it goes well then just doing it is so much nicer but it's going to be incredibly awkward if it doesn't.

    This is such a teenage problem for someone my age! But I never learnt any of this in school.
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    if u got the guts and nerve wich i certainly dont. you could just tell her. dont sound to desperate though when telling her. just explain ur interested and want to see how things go. maybe you can send an email. The worst thing that can happen is she says no and you go right back to where you started.

    Look at it this way. You already got past the hard part. your atleast talking to her. i havent gotten that far yet. i keep telling myself tomorrow... yess.. tomorrow im gonna talk to her.. And it never happens. ahh well..
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    You know... there are quite a few situations where a spontaneous kiss is really nice. If the mood is right; then just doing it could end out well for you!

    As long as she isn't in a relationship, I'd say go for it!
    It's much easier than you'd think after you get past the awkwardness and nerves.
    If the mood starts to get a bit tense, then you may want to back off-- but if it's a nice moment; smiles and laughs- just the two of you, a kiss is very nice~

    I guess I don't know much about your relationship with her-- but if the two of you do hang out as friends it is very possible to switch from the 'friendly hang out time' to 'romantic time'
    Go with your feelings and just do it, is all I can really say.
    It could turn out really well for the rest of your stay-- before you move away, right?
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    No chance at the moment anyway, there's noway I'm suitable for having a relationship like that with another person, it wouldn't be fair.
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    weevil, theres actually many websites that give advice on how to make moves or up your dating game, one id recommend is an ebook by a guy name david deangelo, its called double your dating, i read it back when i was in my last year of highschool and helped me out alot in my dating life and just for my own self happiness, anyways the best stuff you can find is on the web known pua (pick up artistry) these forums and sites and authors give very great insightful help, just because they are pua's doesnt mean you gotta be one though, just use it for your own self confidence to get that area of your life handled. Hope i helped a bit, take care.