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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by just-somebody, May 6, 2012.

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  1. just-somebody

    just-somebody Member

    so here is the situation
    1) i have recently been diagonsed with depression after suffering in silence for a long time

    2) i am failing college i am too tired to do anything (even lifting a pen is hard work!)
    i think my teachers have given up because i am so hard work

    3) i havent even sarted revisng for my a level exams which are in two weeks... to be honest
    i havent even looked at the material

    4) at home isnt any easier my mum is also suffering depression and no one in my family has a clue
    that i have also bee diagonsed with it, my parents think i have become some sort of rebel child :/

    5) i am also suffering other stuff which is taking its toll on me

    6) i am tired and i have given up

    7) i havent been sleeping well for ages on a good night i get three hours :(


    ^^^^ it might sound like i am a drama queen but i swear i am not sometimes things get a little too
    much for me and i find myself wondering if it would be better if i were dead... i am a human being and
    there is only so much i can take i dont know what to do or how i should feel

    but i dont think i can do this anymore i am so tired and i am ready to end it all but death is so final that is the
    only reason i am here today. i dont see this getting any better and to be honest it is killing me :(
  2. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    I'm sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and troubles. Could you tell your family? It might ease some of the pressure if you were not alone with your struggles and feeling that others expect more than you can give. Have you talked to your GP/psychiatrist/therapist/counsellor about how to manage the various stressors in your life - breaking goals into smaller steps, etc.

    Insomnia can be a symptom of depression. Has your doc put you on any anti-depressants and/or sleep aids? The anti-depressants can raise our energy levels and the sleep aids can help, too.

    Sharing your feelings here is an excellent start. Sometimes it helps simply to vent our frustrations. But please do make sure that if you need face-to-face help sorting out a schedule, setting some goals, getting your life back on track, you talk to your doctors/therapy team, too.

    Hope to hear more from you on the forums! Be safe. :smile:
  3. just-somebody

    just-somebody Member

    Thanks for the reply yeah I am on anti depressants but they really don't seem to help :( I really can't talk to family about it if I could I really would. I am also in a waiting list for a counselor but it could be quite a wait but the strain is now and I don't feel as if I can go on funny how no one is there when you really need help :(
  4. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    My advice is actually different than what you probably should do. I should say to continue with the schooling and etc. Instead, I think I would suggest that perhaps you put school on hold for a semester (or as long as necessary) and concentrate on improving your wellness. Get support - don't do this alone. If you can find a support group of individuals in your same situation (sometimes even the university will have this available), it could be beneficial.
  5. just-somebody

    just-somebody Member

    Thing is though I can't take time out even if I wanted to my parents would go mental because they don't know the whole situation and they kind of have a set plan for what they see me doing and I cant disappoint them :( I don't even have a way out of he mess it's a lose- lose situation thats why I have thought of suicide it seems like the only option
  6. MisterBGone

    MisterBGone Well-Known Member

    Number one: forget about what your teachers do or do not think; they're opinion should not concern you to the point of agony... On the parents: you may have to tell them; if not whole story, then at least enough of it so that they understand why you need a little break from school (if that's what you do indeed decide is best). BELIEVE ME! Leaving them here while you exit the Earth is the worst possible thing you could do for them and their well-being... If you could fix all of this trouble, wouldn't you like to stick around, and live a little while longer? I think you would, and you could - you've just got to get the right mindset going... With antidepressants: have you tried more than one medication? Several? There are around five or six different classes of drugs each with their own handfull of medications. So, if you've only tried one or two, it's probably too soon to rule them out definitively as a viable option... Are you on a waiting list for counseling at your school? If so, it's more than likely free (well, it's included in your tuition!). Otherwise, check around at other hospitals and clinics--even community facilities, as somebody somewhere should be willing and able to treat you... Other than that, I don't know what to do! :)
  7. just-somebody

    just-somebody Member

    Thanks for the reply I am from the uk so I am on the NHS waiting list I did ask college about a year ago and they refuse to offer me counselling on the basis it is a charge to the college and only the most severe cases judged by them get the help :( so my suffering wasn't enough for them :( and my parents depend on me too much I really can't tell them and thanks for your reply it's nice to know people are willing to help :)
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