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    I might have posted about this before, but if I have it was months ago, so sorry for the double post if so, but this is really bothering me.

    Basically, there's a girl in my year at school I really like, I don't know her well at all, but I kind of feel I know quite a lot about her, despite the fact that she probably doesn't even remember my name. Anyway from what I gather she doesn't have Facebook or anything like that. I fell out with the one mutual friend we had. Basically I don't really have any opportunities to talk to her.

    Anyway I'm back to school in about 2 weeks, but I don't think I'll be in any of her classes(I'm going into 6th form), and I'm weird with approaching groups of people. She does walk home the same way as me, but I still wouldn't really know what to say to her.

    Any advice?
  2. Dana..

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    Take a tip from me.
    Don't tell her you like her.
    look what it did to me. :(
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    What happened?
  4. Well You could always just go for it. I know it's hard to get up the nerve, but dealing with "what ifs" is always worse in my opinion. You just have to find opportunities to talk to her, get to know her or what not. And then just go for it.

    The worst that could happen is she says no and you can move on from there.
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    start off with Hi, but also have some little story that is accessible. I mean something that a girl can relate to, something about school or some thing you both know about. Basically, relate it to an emotion. Trying something funny, just walk up to her and be like "Hi, I can't keep this to myself I thought it was really funny". Telling stories that can be accessible is key, something that others can relate to. The great thing about using humor is that you can disarm people because it releaves stress.

    Good luck!
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    Ahh thanks =/

    I think I'll try that. Good advice. Spose I have nothing to lose but a bit of dignity.
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    I must agree (being a girl myself) that you shouldn't tell her how you feel about her (yet).

    Just giving you some ideas here of what not to do:)

    Don't give her too much attention for she will feel choked
    Don't try over and over again, no is no. You can try about twice
    Don't set all your hopes on her. You'll get hurt when you don't get what you want
    Don't be too 'kind'. Girls like humor but not over sweetness. It gets on the nerves (warning, see next don't)
    Don't be mean. Be friendly and relaxed
    Don't say too much about yourself. The point of getting to know eachother is actually taking time to get to know eachother and not giving everything away at once
    Don't stalk her. (eg. facebook) Its creepy.
    Don't tell her you're in love with her too soon. It's a big step and she will give the signs when 'too soon' is over
    Don't dress to impress her, be yourself. You get influenced easily when time comes where you find out what she likes.
    Don't use these tips as rules. I'm just a girl with these views and different girls might have different ideas. I encourage other girls to post here aswell:)

    Hope it all works out for you! All the best

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    Ahh that's really nice advice, thanks for that I think it was pretty helpful. I'm actually feeling quite a bit better about this whole thing now.