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Advice.. PLEASE!!!!.. :blub:

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The Unforgiven

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i need help or advice or whatever you can think of!..
im bulimic, but its somewhat under control.. ive morphed into a pathetic sort or boredom eater, and thats ruining things and messing up my capacity and control.. because i end up inevitably eating beyond limit and then wont feel free till i puke it out..
can any one give me any tips on how to distract myself from eating??


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You know yourself best, do whatever you know it distracts you, I think being around people would help, get out of the house with the most cheerfull person you can think of.

I am very happy for you, seeking help. You'll find it, keep going :)


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I walked around backwards with my eyes closed around my house. It's just difficult enough that it occupies your thoughts. Put some music on while you do it. Sounds crazy, but it worked for me.

Note: Block off any stairs you have. You don't want to have a nasty fall.
Find activities that bring you some sort of satisfaction.

Distraction is one thing, but doing something that brings you a sense of joy or peace can be all the difference.

Do you journal at all? If you can write out/down what you are experiencing, that can also give a window of understanding as to why you feel inclined to engage in the behaviors.

Sending hopes you find ease and balance.


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i bought a charcoal art set - hopefully what i cant get out in words i will in pictures. im really really bad at drawing - but somehow its another way to express myself and keep me busy.
ive filled my days up with hobbies i love and it seems to help me.
im so sorry to hear youre having a difficult time right now - youve always helped me and its always been greatly appreciated. i wish i could help you much more!!!
Walking is always good until like myself you become obsessive about it.... Count steps is bad enough as well... My advise explore your mind and find something that your passionate about... I personally now write fan fictions as it takes my mind off food.... I hope that helps sweetheart... Take care of yourself x x x
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