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    Hey everyone! firstly I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post, so sorry if it isn't!

    right I've been suffering from acne since the age of 13 I'm now 28 and still get break outs which can sometimes be painful and the spots can be big at times which lowers my self confidence, I've done a lot of research into what causes acne in adults and there's all sorts of snake oil on the internet claiming it do this that and the other and I'm not one to fall for that, I came across a company that doesn't claim it will cure acne (i know there's no known cure for it) but will improve my skin's health, I've tried doing research into them finding out if what they offer actually works or just pseudo science bull crap but i cannot find anything out about them. I'm unclear about posting links on this forum (yes i know I've been a member on here for many years but never really posted a link)

    If anyone can find out anything I'd be most great full :)
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    Out of curiosity... do you drink a lot of milk or eat a lot of dairy products? The reason that I ask is because my two youngest have a problem with it and the doctor asked me the same question. My kids drink a lot of milk (well used to) but over the past few months have cut back on it and their skin is clearing up. I had a friend who swear by pro-active for her skin. I have never used it or really had a need for it. Hope this helps if even in a small way.
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    Hey, no i don't really eat a lot of dairy products. I tried pro active but to no success :(
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    Hi, whybother. I'm another adult with acne. Have you seen your doctor now that you're not in your teens? The over-the-counter topical agents might not work as well for us adults as they do for teens. So, a medical professional, possibly even a dermatologist, is a good bet so you get the complete and right treatment for whatever is at the root of your breakouts.

    I've tried or read lots about the following:

    Oral antibiotics
    I tried minocycline while in my twenties and it really helped. It took three months for improvements, six months for almost clear and a year for completely clear. The dose was quite high to start, then tapered down to a maintenance dose. When I went off it for a few years, the acne returned. Minocycline is relatively expensive and my drug plan will not cover the cost now so I have not gone back on it.

    Topical antibiotics
    Topical clindamycin (a topical antibiotic) helped me. It was a pain using it every night as it went on in a wet solution, but it dried into very fine, gritty crystals (that was years ago, so maybe there's a nicer formulation of it now).

    Other topical prescription stuff
    There are all kinds of cremes/ointments/wipes that have all kinds of things in them...popular ingredients are salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, and both seem to have a "dry and peel" effect. There is also topical retinoid gel (vitamin A derivative), which is very drying even in mild solutions. I imagine there are even more things now that I've never tried. A doctor would know what to suggest.

    Other prescription medications
    Isotretinoin ("Accutane") is a vitamin A derivative in pill form, and it apparently works really well for many people, with long-term or permanent clearing. It has a number of significant side effects. (I decided it was not for me, so have not tried it myself.)

    Topical over-the-counter stuff
    These can be helpful. I find they work for me if the blemish is not deep or "subterranean." The special ingredients are usually saliycylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (but nowhere near prescription strengths). My favorite salicylic acid product is Almay's "Clear Complexion" concealer. It covers as it works and it is hardly noticeable as a cover up.

    Healthy Diet
    The more healthy my diet, the better my skin looks.

    I wish you all the best. :)
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    Hey Acy thanks for the reply :)

    I have seen a doctor about my skin (I'd guess about 2 years ago?) and she did give me something (i couldn't even guess the name lol) it gave me sever heart burn and i followed how to take it when etc down to the letter, put up with the heart burn for about 6 months and if anything it made me acne worse! i told my doctor and she said there's nothing else they could do (i have recently changed my doctors so may take another visit)

    I've never heard of clindamycin, can you get it over the counter or is it by doctors orders only?

    I've tried several wipes / cremes etc all which burn my skin badly or just trigger the acne even worse :/

    I did some research into what sort of diet would help maintain healthy skin (been about a week) and so far not good but i just think im expecting miracles in such a short span of time,

    I think another trip to the doctors and like you said a visit to a dermatologist so an expert can guide me in the right direction would go along way, I'm just very self conscious about my acne to the point i was shopping today and was having an anxiety attack about even looking at skin care products (i work there so was embarrassed)

    Thanks again for your reply i'll consider everything you said :)
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    Hi, whybother.

    Clindamycin is a prescription antibiotic as far as I know.

    The vitamin A derivatives (in pills or creme form) apparently quite often can make the acne worse for a while, and then it clears up - for some people, forever. If you are put on some sort of medication, ask what to expect..."Will the acne get worse before it gets better because of this medicine?" "Are there side effects I should be concerned about?" [If yes, "What are those side effects?"]

    Maybe the cremes and wipes you have tried dried out the top level of your skin, which peeled. As our skin peels, it kind of makes sense that anything under that layer could pop up for a while - making it seem like the acne is even worse. Maybe the wipes/cremes are too strong or are not strong enough to stop the acne in the under layers. That's why I think it's a good step to speak with a doctor that knows about adult acne.

    For me the healthy diet is mostly "cutting back" on salt, sugar, dairy. A bit of most things is fine, but eating a lot of veggies and fruits and a bit of protein is much better than carbs, candy and potato chips with loads of salt - and not just for my skin. When we cut back on things, it still takes a while for the body to get rid of some of the bad stuff, so results are not always fast, but last as long as one's will power and dedication to a healthy diet lasts. Ugh. :( Give yourself a while for dietary changes to set in and have an effect.

    I can really understand your sense of self-consciousness. Perhaps keep reminding yourself: We are much more critical of ourselves than anyone else is - what we see as Mt. Everest on our chin is actually about as noticeable as a mosquito bite - they really don't even see it.

    I hope you do see a dermatologist and get some answers and something to speed up the clearing.

    :) Acy
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