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  1. gapgap

    gapgap New Member

    I just finished crying, and now I am looking for help. It's been years since I last cried emotionally like this so you can see how it worries me.

    My little brother (12) woke me (19) up at seven this morning crying and holding some napkins to the side of his neck and my mom on the phone in his other hand. My mom told me to help him, I was really scared but I quickly ran and got a towel and put it over the 3 inch scratch / cut on the side of his neck. I held him for a little bit until my mom came home from work (it wasn't bleeding, but I tried to bandage it). So my mom cleaned it with some cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide and thank God it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, it was more of scratch now than a cut. He agreed to go to school not long after because he already missed a lot of days due to being sick and he wasn't crying anymore and felt better. I took him to school and went to work after. Now I just got home from work and he is running around the house with my older sister playing (no bandages) and it was like nothing happened.

    My brother said he didn't know at all how it happened, he had a little blood on his pillow and that's pretty much it. When the bandages fell off at school he went to the nurse and the nurse was curious as to how he had a big scratch like that and she didn't believe what he told her so she called the police and He and my mom ended up at the emergency room, they said even though the cut isn't bad, we need to make sure he is fine mentally.

    When we got home my mom talked to him real serious and he ended up showing her the razor blade he got off the fridge and that he did it himself. I am almost sure it was to get out of going to school, it's what my mom thinks and me too because when I was taking him to school today he was asking my casually about how one would transfer (switch) schools. He is overweight, not a whole lot but enough to bother a kid. I think there are probably kids at school who either pick on him or something of that sort. We are a Christian family so you can understand how broken my mom and me are to find this out.

    He promised my mom he would never do it again, but he told her to please not tell me or either of my sisters. My mom didn't tell my sisters but she confided in me. She said to talk to him, tell him that I figured out (myself) that he probably did it to himself and tell him that I think it was because of school. I really want to find out what exactly is going on but I have never dealt with anyone suicidal and never even heard of a preteen with depression problems ?

    PLease! what I'm asking is for advice and prayer on how to deal with a situation like this. Thanks for reading.
  2. jameslyons

    jameslyons Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a frightening experience!

    The best thing to do is to make sure your little brother knows that he's loved, and that it's safe for him to talk with you and your mom regarding his feelings.
  3. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    I will pray that your brother doesn't do this again. But you have to talk to him and help him as much as you can. :hug:
  4. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    hi. i feel badly that you and your family are going through this scary experience.....

    pre-teen depression does exist - but i am not saying your little brother has it. still. it needs to be looked into

    it is great that your mom wants to know - and is not 'ignoring' the possibility that he did try to harm himself and, the reason. and as dave (i think) said on this post - it is so important for him to know he can confide in your mom , and in you. (i think this is a heavy burden on your shoulders. . . you are so young....make sure you take care of yourSELF even while you are worried about your brother - and keep close with your mom - so that you will get the support YOU need to deal with this.

    now. this is my opinion only hun, but. it seems important for your brother to get some counseling. overweight children are often the targets of bullies. and bullying today is occurring in overwhelming numbers.

    private message me if you want to talk, anytime. and there are others here too - hopefully if any have been in this particular situation they will find this post - if they find it, they WILL share their insights. you mentioned you are a family of faith - perhaps there are counseling resources available in your faith community as well. please check back and let us know what is going on - and what the next step is. we care!!!! :hug:
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