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  1. lotr2012

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    so i have been suffering from borderine personality disorder and depression for eight years, and it just has gotten worse and worse. i have tried everything. i have had numerous suicide attempts and numerous hospitalizations. i have tried all the different meds and therapies. i have even tried to ect. none of it works. i have just gotten worse and worse. it is to the point now where I am hurting my family. i can hear he pain and hurt in thier voices when i mention it. they have told me numerous times they would do better without me. for the past month every single time i sleep i have this dream where i kill myself...and it shows how the world progresses without me. a lot of good things happen when i succeed. could this be a sign? i feel that i have to do this to make all these positive things happen?...also do you guys believe that you go to hell for killing yourself?
  2. smiles

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    ending your life won't cause the world to be a better place. to your family, thats just awful of them to say theyd be better off without u. Maybe your dreams just reinforcing what you think everyday. I disagree that it is a sign for you to do it, and feel that it is just an embodiment of the thoughts you surround yourself everyday. I'm not a big believer in pills or therapy, but i do believe that having people to talk to and that care about you will help. If you ever want to talk, you can private msg me. and if not me, than there are many other amazing people on this site that genuienely care and would love to help. so please don't deprive us of that chance to help you :) i hope things do start getting better for you, and i wish i had an answer for your question. but i don't know what to expect on the other side, regardless of how i end up there.
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    I suspect that your dream is trying to tell you that you are severely worried about that kind of an outcome, and that it might just be, something that is holding you back. It is possible that having such a dream, was not to encourage you to leave this life; but rather to show you that perhaps it's exactly what is stopping you from even beginning to have the life that you want.

    Afraid that your family doesn't need you... doesn't want you. Afraid that nobody else will ever see value in you either. Afraid that even if you got better.... that it would be for nothing, because nobody would care about YOU, or who YOU are anyway.

    Sound about right?
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