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Hi. So I'm really seeking advice as to what to do. It seems my life has slowed down to nothing and that I have no life at all. Whenever I leave the house it is to go to school, or shop. THat's all. And shopping is rare. This has happenned before, and I think this time, or recently perhaps, i have woken up. I need to get my life tigether. nothing in the past has gone right. I am facing many problems and choices I need to make. The days I don't leave home i waste listening to mysic, surfing the internet, etc. It's really sad. I don't want to look at my own life it's so sad. perhaps that is why i like to lose myself in other things.

i'm at the point where i NEED to chenge or i will lose my sanity, or worse, if i haven't already. There is no support base for me. i don't know what my family thinks of me right now. perhaps they have been trying to help, but I have just been asleeep, unattentive to the fact that I have a life to live. Sure, I haven't been completely dead all my life, but what there has been , like relationships, have all faded away. i have no way of keeping anyone in my life it seems.

So I wonder. If anyone has any advice as what to do. I shall awake tommorow, as i will with every new day. And i need to fill up my day with something. Something with meaning. i need relationships with meaning. What does one do? WHat do ya'll think?
Meaningful things can't be forced. They must come naturally. Find a hobby, just anything you like and start there. This is your life. If you like to read and just sit and read all the time, then do just that. There is nothing wrong with it so long as your happy doing it. I like to sit in complete silence doing absolutely nothing with no one else around. I can do that for hours. But it's ok. It's what I like to do, and that is all that matters. :wink:


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and that is all that matters. :wink:
Thanks consciousinsane, but i think there are other things that matter. For example, if everyone just did what they wanted, the human world would just stop. There are other things that need doing. maybe I'm not speaking so much about meaning but rather about living. I think the fact that you mentioned happinness is important. Maybe that's what I'm really looking for. That or maybe motivation, but probably some combination of both.
Well, you do it to a degree. Give yourself an hour or two each day to do as you please. Within reason though. Nothing illegal. You can read, nap, watch tv, whatever. Then when your time is over, jump back in the swing of things putting the responsibilities of life back on your shoulders.

The point is to take a moment to relax and pamper yourself.


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If I could turn back the clock.

Then even though you dont feel like it make yourself go out, be around other people, its doesn't matter who they are even, just tag along to any thing that your asked to go to, even if you don't want, try and socialise even if its hard.

The shutting down process starts by cutting your self off, from friends, from family, from coworkers, from life, then you become your own worse enemy, your life slowly grinds to a full stop, of coarse it does, thats what shutting every thing out of your life does, bring it to a halt, so if you are not carefull, you become frozen in time, in the very part of your life you most want to get away from.

Join a club, go to the same bar every night, have a meal in the same place every week, anything like that, where you get to see the same people, or become a regular, any thing that keeps you out of the house, alone.

The fewer people you interact with the fewer the option you will have.

Thats what I should have done, rather than cutting my self off from my life.
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you become frozen in time, in the very part of your life you most want to get away from.
Very good way of explaining it. I think in a way I will be frozen in time at the worst point of my life for the rest of my life. It's like with an amoeba in a petri dish. If you place it in the center of the dish, it will naturally explore the outer reaches of the dish in serach of food. If you apply an electric shock to it everytime it ventures past a certain point, it will explore closer and closer to home, until eventually it will just stay in the same place, shut down and die.

The fewer people you interact with the fewer the option you will have.
This is very true. Other people are one of the most useful resources you have.
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