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  1. foreverYoung180

    foreverYoung180 Well-Known Member

    i havent cut in two years..and im so proud of that for being able to stop. Problem is ive never stopped thinking about it. I want so badly to cut lately. its getting harder to fight the urge to do so. i don't want to go back to hiding everything that is so draining always keeping your guard up so no one will see what youve done. any advice? i don't want this 2 year mark to be a waste.
  2. Oceans

    Oceans Well-Known Member

    can you think of why you stopped cutting 2years ago? may be this can be a reminder to keep on going.

    btw, it is great you have made two years.
  3. pinkpetals33

    pinkpetals33 Well-Known Member

    WOW, that is a long time......did you ever replace the cutting with something else? How were you stopping yourself before---just mentally?
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