This is my first time posting on here but i would like to ask for some advice me and my fiance or gf whichever ud call it now are having alot of issues last night she told me she didnt know if she was in love with me anymore and she says she doesnt know why. This has set me in a very bad place so anyhelp is appreciated.


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Hi hun im sorry that you are having such an awful it possible that your girlfriend is saying she doesnt know why to save your feelings ?? i dont know as i dont know either of you but if she has just stopped feeling emotions also in general she could be depressed xxxx


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What to say :unsure:
Obviously you need to know one way or the other what's happening, so I'd have this out with her once and for all.
If it's over, my pm is always open to talk about it, or there's the forum.
Get it sorted, not knowing is worse than facing it.
Well we talked tonight she has agreed to work on things but not sure wat i can do wat upsets her most is she cant see her kids theres nothing i can do to change that. Says she worried bout bringin me down with her ive tryed to change ive tryed to find a job to help her get them i cant change the economy i cant magically make her kids appear idk if this is more of an advice thing or a rant ether way ty guys for the comments

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