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    Not really an advice seeking area here... that i could find at least, so I'll post here. Last night I ended up in the same bed as someone, we were talking and started to share things thanks to the emotional fuel of alcohol. Anyway it did end in tears and seem pretty intense but i hadn't touched on a lot of stuff, I did hint that alot of other stuff had happened though. Anyway when we woke up she went kinda strange a said she needed time to sort stuff out (she got out of a long term relationship about 4-5 weeks ago, same as i did, thats pretty much the main thing we talked about). Just wondered what I should do and wether its a good idea to share... intense stuff with someone or if it will push them away?
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    I'd suggest just leaving well alone for a bit. Let her contact you if she wants to.

    if you've both just broken up from long term relationships 4-5 weeks isn't long enough to be going into another relationship.

    It sounds like 2 people in pain reached out for each other, now she wants to put some distance between you. It's only natural for people to do this, misery loves company as the saying goes, but when the alcohol wears off your still missing the person u broke up with.

    Give it time and give her space. If she get in contact well and good, if not it just means she's not ready to get involved with anyone.
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    Just thought I'd say for anyone who cares... it went badly as does most things I get involoved in do. I wonder if being slapped in the face with false hope is worse than no hope, probably not a real answer to that one...
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    Personally I prefer no hope...HOPE is what always kicks me in the gut.