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  1. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    so here is the story:

    i ran out of psych meds (generic Wellbutrin and Ritalin) a week and a half ago. i waited for my shrink's telephone hour (7-8 am thursdays! lovely) and discovered that she is out of town for a week. because the sky did not collapse immediately, i thought maybe i would be fine until then.

    i was... wrong.

    saturday was just a little listless; sunday i was crying for no reason and started reading methods sites again, and today i had to miss an important meeting because i was having a breakdown.

    i just spent the last four hours going from one psychiatric practice to another trying to see if i could just walk in and get my usual scrips filled, but none of the six places i visited actually had the office hours they listed online.

    now i just basically need to make it until tomorrow. any advice on that front would be appreciated.
  2. Anneinside

    Anneinside Well-Known Member

    Friday a week ago I started going downhill. I saw my pdoc on the following Tuesday and we agreed I would have another ECT on Friday instead of the next day for several reasons. Thursday they called and said the doctor doing it had to cancel Friday ECTs. Had to wait for Monday. It was horrible, angry, frustrated, depressed, worried Monday's would be cancelled.

    I made it through and had ECT today. Feeling better.
  3. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    Hi Anne. That's great that you made it through. How did you do it?
  4. Anneinside

    Anneinside Well-Known Member

    I slept more than usual. I am on several bipolar and depression forums and I spent a lot of time on them. My sister called me several times and I always feel a little better after I talk with her. Mostly I waited, waited, and waited.
  5. jxdama

    jxdama Staff Member Safety & Support

    i wish i could help. can you come to chat?
  6. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    Hi jx - i looked for you in chat but then i went to bed. Will try to catch you again later. (Hugs)

    finally found an open pdoc office and managed to screw up enough courage to go in, but they said they wouldn't prescribe me anything - i had to go to the crisis intervention center at the hospital. So now i am sitting here in the urgent care waiting room feeling like the world's biggest tool. Being crazy is too goddamn complicated
  7. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    The hospital doctor said he couldn't prescribe me anything, and he wouldn't give me ritalin, but he would give me enough antidepressants to last until my shrink was back. Then he called me in again to tell me that there was no wellbutrin at any of the hospital clinics. Gave me pamphlets for their day clinic and their inpatient crisis center but i figured if they won't even have meds til friday then i can sit around freaking out at home just as easily as i can sit around freaking out in a ward. Hilarious.
  8. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Doesn't your doc have a covering physician? Maybe s/he can help...also when you do see him/her again, develop a plan should this happen again
  9. molotov

    molotov Well-Known Member

    nope, she doesn't. she has an answering machine that says she'll be back thursday and that the message function has been turned off. the pdoc i had before her didn't have a substitute or an answering machine, so this is a step up.
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