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    I thought it'd be best to get it from people who know first hand so here's my problem:

    My girlfriend has these random depressed moods (quite often lately) and it scares me. It's nothing big, just safety pin sratches all up and down her arms and legs but I never know what to say to her about it.
    Also I had a pretty bad bout with cutting myself a few years ago, I was hospitalized and everything. I thought I was over all that, but seeing her sometimes just makes me want to start again...

    any words of wisdom for a poor lost soul?
  2. man that is a hard one... for our associtaion with people make us want to do things...
    thats why AA dont go to bars or hang with drunks...

    but you can be a help to her since you know what she is going through...
    sometimes just learning to listen and not speak is a world of help

    and as for your desires... find that someone or something that helped you before... maybe it was the scare of the hospital... what ever it was recall it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.