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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by anonymuss, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. anonymuss

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    I have written a lot of threads were i complain and im here to complain and deplete my heart so more and to give a message of hope to others who are struggiling in life like i am.

    First off, please you must be aware of this statement: Sadness is the result of not beeing able to give something to someone. This is a suicidal forum and sadness can obviously lead to depression wich can also lead to suicidal thought patterns. Now that you know that you can make a change on that regard by doiing something free for someone without taking credit for it and it should improve your situation

    Secondly, Exercising even if you hate it will give huge confidence return. If you are suicidal right now go play hockey for 3 hours and come back on this forum to say how you feel. Your legs and body is gonna feel used but you will have zero thougts of killing yourself. Go do it and trust me youll be addicted.

    Finally follow and mediate on these 4 commandments everyday and you will feel better everyday slowly force yourself to thing of these every hour every second this will make you stronger
    1- do not judge or critize yourself or others NEVER
    2- do not take anything personnal
    3- do not make any suppositions
    4- always do your best
    (based on anciant tribes this is the road to a dream life)

    Here is where i need your help although i have followed my own advice and feel miles better i want to know how can i make friends...why am i asking this is because i tend to draw fights around me and people usually lie and reject me ..I still havent found any explanations. Beiing 25 and never having a serious relationship with a girl i'm having trouble respecting rule number 2 above. Here are two examples that happen today in my life that i think are not normal and that if repeated often can really hurt someone
    1) was playing hockey in the park went inside to change my skates. 10 guyz from 16 to 20 were fighting for fun but kind of violently. Accidently or not they came my way and i received a small push. I got really mad and courageously told them to get out and respect the people here. I told them they were acting like babies. The park adminstrator didnt say a word like a total imbecile insted of dooing is job that i was dooiing. In result they all started to follow me to my car and hit me .. I couldnt defend myself.
    what lesson can i learn from this?
    2) went out alone (having zero friends) to obviously look for some friends. took some thea and beer. Waited for some sort of opportunity or someone to come and talk to me . It never happened . So for those who say not to try and wait i kind of question that mentallity since i don't look like a man model. Than came two lovely blond girls wich attracted me i decided to invite them to play pool but not in a creepy way since i invited some random guy next to them at the same time so it dosent look like im a sexual predator or something. They said ok after there beers. Than came the sad part i was happy cause i thaught maybe i was gonna meet some interesting people finally and build myself a social life. Two other guyz came sitting down next to me they looked at the girls 5 second smile and they went some place together. No one approached me to tell me there leaving anywhere so i waited like they said like 2 hours. Than obviously i realized that i was naif and they just lied to me about wanting to play. I went to see them and they told me to get lost and that they re are other girls. It kind made me feel like killing myself for a moment since my whole goal in life is too start having friends and maybe who knows a miracle first girlfriend but the way i see it based on my experiences the results are gettting worse
    i just wanna know what did i do wrong in this story...? I was just honnest and wanted to play pool...I know life is hard but why isn't has hard for those two guyz who immediatly got some attention...i know life is unfair but i need to change that...can we or is theyre a thing called destiny and bad luck or faith...
    thx and please follow my advices aswell as they can help you
  2. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    I don't know where you live, but certain places, and especially big urban areas, people tend to be more aggressive and less friendly.

    With the hockey situation, it's not that you did something to deserve abuse, but rather you crossed paths with the wrong people. And there were many of them and only one of you.

    Maybe just try to steer clear of people who seem aggressive like that.

    with the girls, that just happens. you can get better at handling situations like this over time

    maybe you can post in the relationships section about how to get better at meeting girls.

    I hope that things get much better!
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