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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Shock, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Shock

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    alllllrigggght! Im so pissed and over it all somethings gotta give. and hell it may as well be me! im sick of being fucked over by every one and ripped off. Im sorry that im such a burden on my family and friends and that i just cant get anywhere in life. so somethings gotta give. today i decided to fuckin go straight at it, target the things i can do with my life:
    1.get into college or at least find out why I cant get into college so i can try again: I rang these colegges and asked why i didnt get in to them. no straight answer of course so im seeing a student concusellor tomorrow. Ive aleready seen two, who gave me no straight answer of course.
    2. get a proper job: Ive applied for 5 jobs that my degrees should mean something for.
    3. Get freelance jobs: I created some promo-materail that ill mail round in the next few days.

    If none of these happen by my 23rd birthday which is Feburary 8th then <mod edit - methods >. Simple as that. Like I said, somethings gotta give and i feel like ive given myself a good enough chance, now its down to luck. Hell, survival of the fittest right?
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  2. KDXer

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    Gday mate from another aussie. Try and keep your chin up bro. Where you located ? I can possibly get you some work if you are interested (depending on location). It won't be your 'ideal' job I'm sure but it is something and the money isn't too bad. Good blokes and good company. No experience nessecary. PM me if you like. Might be the ticket just to get your mind off things for a while. I've only just joined here and am not very good at giving advise but try and stick with it mate things can only improve by the sounds of it.

    Take care...
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