Afraid of benzo addiction/withdrawal, need advice

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by thepainwithin, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. thepainwithin

    thepainwithin Well-Known Member

    I was recently prescribed Zoloft for my main anxiety medicine and Klonopin for days where I have bad anxiety. I don't have a lot, 10 a month for 6 months roughly. The only problem is that the Zoloft isn't supposed to really take affect for another 3 weeks and I'm always really anxious.

    I fear becoming dependent on kpin, I've read even low doses can cause dependence. For the last few days I've been taking between .25 and 1.25 mgs. And for the last few weeks off an on but not daily.

    Now that I have my Zoloft, I'm only supposed to take 1 a day. But I get extra anxious a lot. I feel like I'm abusing the pills, but I've been taking an extra half or an extra Zoloft.

    Wouldn't you think that's better than taking a benzo every day? My thought was I'd take the klonopins until the Zoloft started kicking in, but I don't want to take them daily, I get 2 refills of 30 for 6 months. Is that bad I'm taking more than prescribed, although only a half pill or 1 extra, not everyday, but some days?

    I just broke my pot addiction, I've severely cut back on drinking because I could feel I was started to become addicted, ie. not being able to stop once I start, I'm getting better at that.

    Zoloft isn't really an abused drug, I feel it's better to take an extra than a kpin.

    Sorry I'm rambling. What are your thoughts? I know I'll hear a lot of "only take what the dr says", but my kpin bottle does say "take as needed"... It really helps with the anxiety and I could probably use one daily, but I don't want to take it daily
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I say just talk it over hun with doctor if doc says it is ok to take when necessary then do that but get the time span when to do that ok every 4 hours etc. Benzo can become addictive if abused thats all If you need them then take them as dr ordered and bring up your concerns ok with your doctor so he or she can work with you on what to do and when to take meds If you cannot get a hold of your doc t hen talk to your pharmacist who can talk with your doctor and then discuss your medication regime with you
  3. LexiRN

    LexiRN Active Member

    I used to have klonopin prescribed at 3 mg up to three times a day. I took that and was able to stop without issue when the time came. Just some encouragement that you can take benzodiazepams and not necessarily be come addicted. I was taking a whopping dose of klonopin and never did go tutu withdrawal. Hugs.
  4. Neverforget

    Neverforget Member

    I've been taking Klonopin for over 5 yrs with breaks in between (no withdrawals, no addiction). A year ago, my anxiety got worse and the dr. prescribed 1mg twice a day. I did that for maybe three months daily. As I got better, I tried to stop but I got withdrawals, heart palpitations, anxiety, racing thoughts...which led to ER.

    The Dr. recommended that I taper down instead of going cold turkey. I did that in 3 weeks. Nowadays I take Klonopin as needed, instead of daily, which is how I used to take it before I did it daily. About 3 times a week. My anxiety has also taken a nose dive as I've been practicing meditation and exercise (not sure how that helps)
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