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Afraid to get help

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Hello all, I am a 39 year-old female. I have been having suicidal thoughts since a traumatic incident about a year ago. I have no plan, just the pervasive feeling of hoplessness, and that I do not wish to be here anymore. I once tried to explain my feelings to a family member, who immediately wanted to call an ambulance and have me taken to the hospital. I am very afraid that if I speak up about this, I will hospitalized and be forced to be medicated. I can understand this if I were actually trying to hurt myself, but I am not. Thoughts are not crimes, even if they are terrible thoughts. So my question is, how can I speak with someone about this without having my freedom taken away?


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Hello and welcome to SF Sunnypath! Getting help can be a scary thing when you don't know what is around the corner. It can be fear of the unexpected. However from what you have just described it is very, very unlikely that they will even consider about hospitalising you. It sounds like you need help to help you move on from the traumatic incident. Go and see your GP and tell him what you have just told us. You don't have to go into great detail hun. It sounds like you could do with some counselling hun and perhaps a temporary measure of meds just to lift the black cloud slightly. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Many of us have all been in the same position, we do know how you feel. Big :hug:

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took me a long time to reach out for help hun Don't make the same mistake
If you ask your doctor as butterfly has said he or she will get you a therapist to help you deal with whatever trauma that happened. The psychologist will not call hospital hun for just having thoughts of suicide I have told mine several times i don't want to be here. He knows it is the depression talking
You don't have to stay on medication for life hun just a short time to get you through the therapy the dealing with the pain. I am no longer on medication but it was the medication that allowed me to have the strength to get through all of the pain Talk to your doctor okay print off what you wrote here and get some therapy now okay just do it hun so you can start healing now.


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I know how you feel, I think. I'm old enough to know how things work, and know for a fact if I'd have admitted some things that were in my head to my counselor, I know what would have happened. I sure wouldn't be in the harmonious place that I am today. Most likely my life would have spiraled down even lower. That is how I found SF. I needed a safe place where I could find some people to be honest with.

I am one of the many that feel very lucky to have found this place. My issues have worked themselves out for the most part, and those that haven't I can deal with now because I'm not dealing with an overloaded burden, but a manageable one.

Trust your instincts with regards to who IRL you talk to, but feel welcomed here. If you don't wish to talk in the open threads about it - almost anybody here is willing to receive PM's.


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Tis normal, everyone has suicide tendencies...it proves we're human and feel remorse, guilt, sadness, etc. Which also proves we have the ability to love! And love is the greatest tool of them all.

You won't be hospitalized as you said you have no plans to pull it off, so fear not! Find someone you can trust and will be willing to listen to your heart's content.

It'll be fine, I promise.
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