After allot of change I'm back

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    Hey everybody, You may or may not know me but a while ago I had quite a breakdown and attempted suicide. Well it's obvious I failed. But thats a good thing. I had talked to my doctor and he wanted to give me an alternative. Something other than drugs. So he told me to go back to the forum I cried for help in and make a new account and make my sole mission to help others but under a different identity. So I tryed it and it apears to have worked! So I'm living with my brother and now I'm ready to come back and hope I can make some friends and help some people. (although still very bummed about max :sad:(my dog) but I know he's in a better place now) So just wanted to re-introduce the new me. And slightly less "dramatic" me. :laugh:
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    hi! welcome, and welcome back! it's good to know that people like us are here, helping others. :)
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    sorry for the late reply lol! welcome back to the forum :hug: