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After An Attempt...

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I have a friend that attempted on Monday night, and I personally, have not, so I need some advice.

Do you guys mind when people visit you in the hospital following an attempt?

My friend is very very popular so loads of people have been visiting her.

The problem is, these people dont necessarily have experience with suicide or with depression, mental health, etc.

And I do.

I just want to go visit her and take it easy and not make a big deal of things, for a change.

But I dont know if I should just wait until she's gotten into an inpatient program or what.

Dont want to overwhelm or smother her.

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Hi i think if you can go quieter time when noone else is there that would mean alot to her just keep it light as you say sometimes in the evening when it is quiet and noone comes around is the best time hugs
Thanks for the advice. I am actually going to see her this evening, after-all.

So hopefully there wont be many there.

We'll see.

I'm just gonna keep it light.


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Anytime we are in trouble, it is comforting to know ppl care about us...visit her and take your leads from how she is acting...the best thing we can do for anyone is to show our love...J


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These people want to help your friend out no matter if they don't have experience with dealing with suicidal people help is always welcomed. You need to help your friend stop this vicious cycle
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