After effects of a suicide attempt

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by mpang123, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. mpang123

    mpang123 Well-Known Member

    I am learning that I have increased my short term memory loss since I was last hospitalized over a year ago. I wonder if I have sustained brain damage because I am so forgetful nowadays. When I was in a drug-induced coma, can it cause brain damage? Or if found unconscious at the scene, could I have already experience with lack of oxygen to the brain? I'm trying hard to accept this fact and I find it disturbing and curious at the same time cuz I want to learn more about loss of memory after a coma. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  2. darkdays

    darkdays Active Member

    As far as I know, yes it's possible that you caused memory loss. Also certain psychiatric medicines can cause memory loss, I can attest to that. You might also ask yourself if the memory loss is due to stress. Are you under a lot of stress? Are you really busy and don't have time to think ? You should be able to find some information online. Sorry I can't be more help. I survived suicide and I have noticed some change in my already poor memory.
  3. dannyboy86

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    I am so sorry that you were in so much pain that you saw suicide as the only way out. The good news is, that the brain can connect new pathways through the brain as we learn, so your brain can heal. You may have sustained some brain damage, I have too from an attempt on my life. If you were in a coma, or doing something to keep oxygen from the brain then brain damage is a very real possiblity but i want you to know the brain can and will heal, your old pathways will reopen, and you can find your brain functioning well again.

    God Bless
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