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after my attempt

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It has been 9 days since my attempt (a serious one) and today I am still at the psy ward at the hospital. I feel like I really want to go out and do my life but at the same time it scares me loads just to think on leaving the hospital. Is it normal to feel both things at the same time? Same is happening with my suicidal thoughts, one day I feel like I can restart my life and another day I feel like the only thing that makes me feel better is the idea of dying.
Am I going nuts?


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Your not nuts. I have felt the same before. Things are just kind of confusing right now prob. :hug: Things will get more stable though. And get better. I hope you take care!


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Having worked on psych wards I have had loads of people say that they are scared to leave. There you know you are safe. You have support when you need it. So you are not mad for feeling like that.

What are they doing for you on the psych wards?

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