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  1. Syn

    Syn Well-Known Member

    Depression Cries in these vacant empty eyes
    Anxiety screams through the flame in my veins
    Words convey only silent whispers to the deaf
    Screaming in your ear, you would never hear
    A heart, consumed with the darkness of this life
    A mind, tormented at the hands of self-hatred
    A soul, raped and shattered without a single care
    A life, a sarcastic gift never asked for anyways

    I feel so tired, undesired, and uninspired
    Such surreal disconnection, my imperfection
    A wasting complexion, pointless resurrection
    This infection of dejection, like an injection
    Of slowly dying affection as I drink rejection
    Worthless, I just want to avoid all detection
    This self-destructive story has no direction

    After all these years of acting so strong
    I can't believe I cried myself to sleep again
    This Anxiety searing through every vein
    I've screamed for help until my throat bled
    Only now as the fire consumes me do I see
    My curse, My gift, a maelstrom of artistic inferno
    Apathy, walk beside me, shield my bleeding heart
    I'm not who you want me to be, I'm who you made me
  2. callalilly

    callalilly Member

    I love this poem.
  3. letmedisappear

    letmedisappear Well-Known Member

    Syn, this is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure, like me, so many of us here can connect... and it was written with such grace. Thanks for this.
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