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again me

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jane doe

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again me(trigger may be)

why does it have to be this way every single night? i feel empty, numb. i feel a shadow over me , making everything dark, and my soul... i think i lost it somewhere because all i want to do is hurt myself, deeply, and make blood flush away. i want my life fades away for good. And i know i want the life i had planned but this feeling seems to be stronger every night. i know i´ll brake the promess i did to my boyfriend of not cutting myself anymore, i just need it, just for taking away the idea of killing myself tonight. wtf is wrong with me?? i just keep fighting for nothing just for keep a promess that i´ll brake tonight. f@ck i´m good for nothing, even to keep myself away from a knife. it shouldn´t be so hard, but it is, more than anything when what you really want is to die, alone, in darkness, and quietly...
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I'm sorry you are in such distress now.:sad: I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away, make you feel whole and happy. But I can't.:sad: I can only promise to help hold you up when you're low, to reach out when you feel lost, and to listen to whatever you have to say.:smile:

love and hugs,:smile: :smile:


jane doe

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thank you for being here least, but i have nothing else to say, it would be an echo of the rest of my threads, and i think it doesn´t worth it. anyways thank you for being here, really..
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