again with the comments i don't want to hear

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  1. amicrazy

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    everyone thinks i'm gay. i'm not. i'm not lying to you, or to myself. not in the closet. not gay. so fuck off, i'm not going to portray normalcy because i'm not normal. but i am heterosexual

    the sorry thing is, I know from the outside I'd think the same thing.

    to quote Seinfeld, "not that there's anything wrong with that"
  2. BioHomocide

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    From the outside you would think you where gay?

    Don't blame people for making mistakes.... not everyone who acts a certain way is gay. Not all gay people fit into that stereotype.

    If you are then who cares, If you aren't then who cares.
    Be yourself, what others say or think is nothing important.
  3. Frost Giant

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    Amicrazy, We live in a time (for some reason) where people put so much emphasis on appearance, and I can relate to your problem on the opposite end of the spectrum. I too am a heterosexual, but I have been a weightlifter most of my life, and have the appearance of someone who has no soft side inside, which not only makes some people assume I am a convict or something. The irony is, for as much as I can't stand people, I am a crying bitch inside lol. Imagine how many healthy relationships I may have had if I looked a little softer.

    As for you, the frustration you feel is very prevailent and I truly do know how it feels to be nothing like your appearance. That is to say that, perhaps the way you talk, or your demeanor is interpreted as gay by the average tool. While society is not the best example I can give you, I promise you that not everyone sees people that way, but perhaps where you are, and the people that are around you have some socially collective perception. Anyway, enough with the psychoanalyzing. Don't change for anyone, its society that has painted the image of a man, not men themselves.
  4. amicrazy

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    i appreciate the comments. they help a lot:biggrin:
  5. derbygirl

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    This is so true for many images society has created! I say screw society and just be yourself.