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    I`m tired of writting that word on thisforum, i hrted myself again, i`m yeshurtsad again, i`ve been crying again, i have this headache again. I feel i`m locked in my life, college and work, i feel i have no time to live, but tonight, this is my night off and its almost ended. I`m sadand i can`t cry because my bf sleeps beside me. I don`t want to tell him, bcause he feels he fails everytime he sees my wrist cutted, and he knows that is exacly next after sadness. i can`t even watch this screen anymoe my eyes hurt, my arms feels like burning and i just want to cry and remind silence in my room for at least a week. Also i hate my job, but i love it at the same time...
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    I'm so sorry that you are hurting so badly. But please let your boyfriend in. Allow him to help you through this. Give him the chance to help you before you need to cut and then both of you will feel better and feel like you have helped one another. The worst thing you can do for depression is to try and battle it alone. That only helps confirm the bad feelings and gives strength to the depression. And sweetie, it doesn't matter how many times you post "again" you will always have friends here that would rather you post that then nothing at all!!!
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    thank you for your sweet words, i finelly decided to sleep last night.:=)