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I was OK for a bit there and kept really busy with friends and life. Now I am really depressed and every night I sit here thinking of just taking all the pills and it will be over. I find myself crying and feeling very very angry. I am here right now to try and distract myself. I should tell my doctor but I can never do it. I have been so close but I guess I am afraid of what he would think or what would happen after.

I have been really sick physically and been dealing with my doctor lately but I never could bring up other things. But things have been hard again. I am having problems telling apart reality and fiction. I don't know what is going on. I don't know if it is from being sick or something else.

I am really confused and ready to give up.


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Hey there

I'm glad that you were feeling ok for a bit there.. if anything it could show you how things can be. Just because you've taken a tumble doesn't mean that things will always be this way.

I am sorry that you're struggling so much though. It really sounds confusing and frustrating for you. Do you get on well with your doctor then? I wonder, if you don't feel able to tell him what's going on for you, maybe you could write it down for him?

I hope things improve for you soon.. keep us updated, if you want
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