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  1. Samara

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    There are a few younger people here that I encounter, but it's difficult to really find the "others" on this forum for those youth. It's much easier to point out antiquities, or people over 20 even; but unless someone has it in their profile or has told someone secretly, anyone from age 16 below is not easily depicted.

    I am not asking this for me (I am 23), but rather for anyone else who might be maybe 16 and under, and is also looking for people their age who are also dealing with suicide/depression/ other mental health or emotionally trauma issues to maybe give this a place for them to know who is who, that they might be looking to connect with.

    If this is something maybe you'd be interested in, or would like to know, then perhaps post here. You don't have to say your exact age if that makes you uncomfortable, but if you are a youth, then by all means, welcome!

    I realize I am alienating 17, 18, 19 year olds etc... which I am not really intending to do, if you guys are also looking for connections with people on this forum who may be your age too, then maybe post here too.

    Just trying to find a way to give the youth some kind of knowledge that there are others here too, your age, dealing with things, who maybe too are looking to see they are not alone in their age group with this. Just like the antiquities friends group does.
  2. ThornThatNeverHeals

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    Um Hi... Im thorn, im female, 15 years old.... I have been looking for some people within a couple years of my age to talk to who i can feel understand the stress of high school (or middle school) along with a broken family, and what it feels like to still be a "kid" in people's eyes.... i hope other teens will post here too...
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